Monday, March 22, 2010

A Monday Without Blue

salam... gud evening (actually it is 10.00 o'clock)
1st day working after 9 days holidays. Alhamdulillah there was no Monday blues...
I was fasting today. Maybe this make me more energetic and energetic. Maybe...

Break the fast with rice, gulai ang fried chicken. Simple n basic for me. After bathing, tought my son reading his Igra'. Well done my son. He now on the 5th book. I always want to give him the best. And all parents think so...

While i was teaching him, i thought 'hmmmmm it is nice if i can have some satays after this'... just a monologue. After the lesson ended the child said...' after this I can play with adik, mama washes the dishes and ayah go to buy some satays. HUH! How do you know dear? hi hi hi. And right after i was finishing the clearance, hi hi hi we enjoy the satay! And of course he was the person who really really enjoy them.

And in order to make it is really2 perfect, i prepared some smothie. Of course, mango smothie. Nice! A perfect match. ( i think..)

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